Why We Need Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. Although the amount of sleep an individual may need varies, every person alive requires some amount of sleep to rest and recharge the body and mind.

Sleep disorders inhibit or affect normal, healthy sleep, often causing excessive tiredness, difficulty concentrating, and other adverse health symptoms.

Physical Need for Sleep

Your body regulates sleep much like it regulates hunger, thirst, blinking, and breathing.

Sleep is a key component to a healthy body, improving immune function and facilitating regulation and release of hormones.

Your body uses the time you are asleep to affect changes such as tissue repair and regeneration and protein synthesis. This is why you feel physically rested and recharged after a good night’s sleep.

Soreness is diminished and you have the energy to face a new day. Lack of sleep causes physical sluggishness and delayed response to stimuli, which can be dangerous during physically demanding tasks such as driving.

Prolonged wakefulness will eventually result in slurred speech, microsleeps, and hallucinations.

Mental Need for Sleep

Your brain also requires sleep to process the information you experience each day. Scientists believe that dreams are the brain’s way of sorting through, understanding, and cataloguing memories.

Too little sleep results in mental fogginess, making it difficult to concentrate on tasks and remember or learn new information.

Without sleep, students have trouble concentrating and perform poorly on schoolwork. In addition, insufficient sleep leads to irritability, mood swings, and a lack of inhibition similar to that experienced when one has had too much alcohol.

At Zeeba Sleep Center, we understand the importance of getting a healthy night’s sleep for your physical and mental health.

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