Patient Testimonials

Zeeba Sleep Center has been heaven sent! My life has improve dramatically, im able to do things that I never thought I could. Dr. Molin is by far the best sleep doctor ive seen, and trust me ive been to a lot of doctors.

~ Randy W

I have had several sleep evaluations but this by far was the easiest one ever. The staff is great and the overnight stay was a pleasure and very proffesional. Dr Molis is awsome and attentive. I would recommend Zeeba Sleep Center to anyone.


Zeeba Sleep Center (ZSC) staff are very professional and efficient. I generally see the doctor very close to my apointment time and he is able to spend an adequate amount of time with me. The evaluation and treatment that I have received from ZSC have resulted in greatly improved sleep for me and significantly improved energy level during the day. I would recommend this practice and facility to anyone having problems with sleep.

~ Judy G

I cannot recommend a sleep study strong enough. Unknown to me, due to the results of my sleep study as recommended by Dr. Molin, I found out that I probably had not experienced a therapeutic night’s sleep in years. I awoke each morning more exhausted than when I went to sleep the night before. I was tired all the time. And until the sleep study, I could not imagine why. I exercised, took supplements, but still was exhausted. Now, with my CPAP, I sleep well and awake refreshed….Thanks to Dr. Molina & the Zeeba sleep study!!

~ Alan S

I can”t say enough about zeeba sleep center. Curtious doctors and technicians analized my apnea (severe apnea), and brought me down the path to good sleep at night. I had no idea of the dangers of severe apnea and I had no idea how good I would feel getting a real nights sleep. I am 63 years old and still actively working with a race car team and while good sleep hasn’t made me 21 years old again, it has made me feel better and more alert than I have been in years. Thank you Dr. Molin and your staff for a new lease on life!

~ William J

I had no idea how severe my sleep apnea was, my wife strongly urged me to have a sleep study done and just see if there was a problem. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the process was and how at ease the staff made me feel from the moment I arrived until I left the next morning. There was no guess work on what was going to take place as I was told upfront how it works and what I was expected to do. Dr. Molin is great he has a great sense of humor and has an answer for all your questions, he explained the reasons why I am tired and grumpy all the time and let me know he was going to help. My study revealed 115 episodes an hour he had me placed on my new best friend the CPAP. My wife does not know how to sleep without the thunderous snoring but she is loving it now and getting a good night sleep. I am a different person during the day I am not tired and my attention span is much better. Thank you!!!!

~ Kip R.