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Dr. Molin and Zeeba Sleep Center on Fox 5

Dr. Molin was featured by Fox 5 KVVU-TV in a story about the effect shift work has on Las Vegas employees’ social lives and health. Read the full article and view the video here to see Dr. Molin talk about the effects this kind of sleep deprivation can have on the body and...

A Sleep Center Can Help Diagnose and Treat Your Sleep Problems

Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential component of sound health that is often overlooked. As a result, millions of individuals resign themselves to living with sleep disorders that wreak havoc on their daily lives and wellbeing. An accredited sleep center can provide...

“Zeeba Sleep Center has been heaven sent!” – 5-Star Review!

8/9/12 on Cast page Zeeba Sleep Center has been heaven sent! My life has improve dramatically, im able to do things that I never thought I could. Dr. Molin is by far the best sleep doctor ive seen, and trust me ive been to a lot of doctors. Randy Williams   Reviews of Zeeba...

Find Out How Zeeba Sleep Center Can Help Treat Your Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders can have a negative impact on your life. To learn more about sleep centers, insomnia, and sleep studies, check out these helpful websites. Call Zeeba Sleep Center in Las Vegas at (702) 242-1562 for an appointment for a sleep study today. · Ohio State University...

The Benefits of Visiting a Sleep Center

Sleep is essential to every person’s health and well being. If you aren’t sleeping well, you may not be able to live your life to the fullest each and every day. A visit to a sleep center can be very beneficial if you are having trouble sleeping. When you go to a sleep...

Learn More About Sleep Disorders With These Links from Zeeba Sleep Center!

Have you enjoyed our recent blog posts on sleep apnea and narcolepsy? If so, take a look at these related links from around the Web: Separate sleep apnea truths and myths with this sleep apnea slideshow from WebMD. Untreated sleep apnea has been linked to stroke and heart...

Greetings from Zeeba Sleep Center

Welcome to the Cast page of Zeeba Sleep Center! We are so excited to be able to talk directly with our Fans, Followers, and reach out to potential patients from all of our social media outlets including this Cast Page, our Facebook, and our Twitter. Here at Zeeba Sleep Center, we...

Understanding How Lighting Affects Your Sleep Quality

Many people are in the habit of falling asleep while watching TV in the evening. Unfortunately, falling asleep with the lights on can interfere with the quality of your sleep. Light exposure stimulates certain reactions in the brain that involve your hormone levels, body...

Understanding Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a complex and disruptive chronic sleep disorder characterized by frequent attacks of uncontrollable daytime sleepiness or drowsiness. 1 out of 2000 people may suffer from narcolepsy. Causes: Although the exact cause is unknown and may vary from individual to...

How Sleep Apnea Differs for Women

A woman with untreated sleep apnea abruptly stops sleeping multiple times throughout the night. It’s critical to diagnose and treat sleep apnea sooner, rather than later, because the condition can lead to serious medical problems, including cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately,...