How to Start Sleeping Soundly After an Insomnia Diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed with true insomnia after 14-day sleep monitoring with Actigraphy, you and your sleep physician may discuss several strategies for improving your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

There are many potential causes for insomnia to consider as a treatment plan is developed, but the steps below might help get you on the right track to better sleep as other solutions are utilized in your continuing treatment.

Change your diet

Any food or beverage containing alcohol, caffeine, or other stimulants can prevent you from feeling sleepy when bedtime comes.

If possible, you should cut these foods out of your diet entirely. Otherwise, try to avoid consuming caffeinated beverages in the late afternoon and evening.

Examine your medication

Your doctor might recommend sleep aids to allow you to get to sleep with ease, but there are other medications that may affect your insomnia treatment.

Some medications—both prescription and over-the-counter—can affect your nightly sleep cycle.

To determine if these may be part of the problem with your sleep, bring a list of all of the medications you take when you visit your sleep physician to follow up after your diagnosis.

Focus on relaxation

Relaxation techniques can put you in a better state of mind to let go of thoughts that might keep you up at night.

These techniques may include hot baths, massage, biofeedback, yoga, or breathing exercises. If you are still feeling disruptive anxiety as you try these relaxation strategies, you might benefit from one-on-one therapy to dig deeper into the causes of your anxiety.

Make your bed a sleep sanctuary

Limiting the time you spend in bed will be important for your insomnia treatment. You should only use your bed for sleeping, and be sure that it is set up for peaceful, relaxing sleep.

Clean sheets, darkness, quiet, and cool room temperature will all help establish a sleep-friendly environment that may help you find insomnia relief.

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