Sleep Apnea Linked to Cancer

In an article recently posted in the New York Times Health and Science section, author Anahad O’Connor states that “The new research marked the first time that sleep apnea has been linked to cancer in humans.”

O’Connor continues on by saying that nearly “28 million Americans have some form of sleep apnea, though many cases go undiagnosed.

For sleep doctors, the condition is a top concern because it deprives the body of oxygen at night and often coincides with cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.”

Through research, it was found that patients who suffered from the most severe forms of sleep apneahad a 68% greater chance of developing cancer of any kind.

In a secondary study, researchers also found that individuals that had the most breathing abnormalities during the night were five times more likely to die from cancer in comparison to someone without a sleep disorder.

Many of the doctors and researchers involved in this process have described the findings as “striking,” “provocative,” and “profound.”

To read the article in its entirety, please visit the New York Times Health and Science website.

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