What Causes Sleep Talking?

Some people may consider sleep talking a harmless problem, but it can present significant concerns for both the sufferer and his bed partner.

Though sleep centers are still exploring this condition, they have determined that the following causes can each bring on sleep talking. If this problem does not resolve on its own, a sleep center specialist may be able to pinpoint its cause and recommend treatment to eliminate it.

Poor Sleep Hygiene

Staying up late too many nights in a row to work on a project or watch a television show can produce more than daytime fatigue. It can also prompt the onset of sleep talking.

Studies have found that when people do not take the proper measures to get sufficient sleep, the chances of engaging in sleep talking can increase. A chronic lack of sleep can also contribute to this condition.

Sleep Disorders

In some cases, sleep talking may be a symptom of a more serious sleep disorder. Sleep deprivation can be the complication of sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and insomnia.

When a person who suffers from one of these conditions finally falls asleep, sleep talking can occur.

If adjusting sleeping habits cannot alleviate sleep talking problems, professional help may be needed to correct it. With the right diagnostic measures, a sleep center specialist may find that a patient’s sleep talking behavior is due to another sleep condition.


Sleep talking can develop in response to the presence of stress in a person’s life. When problems at work or home produce anxiety, that anxiety can bring on sleep talking.

Temporary stress may produce sleep talking for a short amount of time. If stress is a chronic problem, though, sleep talking behaviors may persist until the sufferer addresses his source of the anxiety.

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